New v0.3.4-alpha - 2019-01

  • Dockerized core modules for easy setup and automatic IP configuration between modules

  • Bridge and GUI are now in a separate folder, following other modules, to accommodate Docker

  • Update ZeroMQ OpenFace to v2.1.0

  • Unity3D to 2018.2.20f1

New v0.3.3-alpha

  • Decent improvements in documentation! (v0.3.3.1: own videos .csv + Blender FACS sliders)

  • GUI in Jupyter Notebook working again with new code base

  • Deep Learning module Python file renamed to for consistency

New/changes v0.3.2-alpha

  • Simplified sending receiving messages ( now takes care of encoding / decoding and adding timestamps)

  • Timestamp of message receive and send per module (if Python >= 3.7: time.time_ns(), else time.time())

  • Timestamp unified as string (ascii), formatted as 100 nanosecond precision integer, across modules; Default message parts: topic (string - ascii), timestamp (string - ascii), data (JSON formatted string - utf8)

  • Performance improvement: Time taken for smoothing per message reduced (asynchronous): 11.90 +/- 6.91 milliseconds to 6.83 +/- 2.79 milliseconds (pandas –> direct numpy)

  • In progress: print() –> logger

  • process_facstoblend module accepts folder argument for different AU –> Blend Shape conversions

  • OpenFace modification updated to v2.0.6

  • Directly integrated with FACSHuman

New v0.3.1-alpha

  • OpenFace v2.0.3

  • Eye movement based on eye gaze data

  • Multi-user data support

  • Multi-user animation in Unity3D

  • Unity3D (2018.1.7f1) scene in cafe

  • Scan folder and select (all) files with 1 command

  • Switch targeted user of AU data for DNN (through GUI)

  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD) to switch DNN user

  • Mix participant AU / head pose data with DNN generated

TODO vx.x.x

  • Module management (Between modules: hearthbeat, controller, synchronized start, etc)

  • Unreal Engine support

  • GUI:

    • Manage Docker containers and show status

    • As web app with Voila